Codic Open : Go to win !
Tennis is a sporting discipline that requires everyday work, the utmost rigor, intense physical training and a daily questioning attitude. Tennis also allows to share many values such as ethics, generosity, team spirit or fair play. These values are common to the corporate and the sports world.

Moreover incentivizing young people has always been important to Codic. And which better way would there be to do so, than through a sporting activity for which you must give the best of yourself? This is why Codic has been sponsoring the CODIC OPEN Tournament for many years. It is organized by Michel Bouhoulle and is one of the three most relevant BTP ***** tournaments in Belgium. A not-to-be-missed event of the season with the support of a charming Ambassador : Sandrine Corman.

For a long time now, Codic has also been supporting a Pro-Team, which rose through the ranks over the years to reach and hold a D1 position.
Codic Open 2021 :
Go up to the top
Toujours plus loin, toujours plus haut, toujours plus fort !

Laissez aller vos rêves et votre dynamisme.
Dans la vie comme dans le sport, votre potentiel et votre volonté permettent d’aller le plus loin possible.

Bon Codic Open. Bons matchs, et comme toujours fair-play et convivialité.

Bravo à Michel Bouhoulle qui organise ce tournoi avec toute sa « niaque ». Merci à notre ambassadrice, Sandrine Corman, qui nous soutient et contribue au rayonnement du tournoi par-delà nos frontières.

Bravo à vous, joueuses et joueurs, pour votre présence. Amusez-vous et donnez le meilleur de vous-mêmes.

Bravo à vous les supporters de la raquette et de la petite balle jaune. Sans vous, l’ambiance n’y serait pas.
Thierry Behiels Chief Executive
Officer CODIC International
Codic Open is also ...
43 categories
+ 100 players 1st Belgian series
+ 20 players ranked worldwide
15 Belgian top 20 players
36 partners of choice
4 former winners at the gates of the 100 worldwide
600 welcome-packs distributed
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